Illustrations by Katy Farina, My blackspotting practice started turning into a...

My blackspotting practice started turning into a hot mess so I stopped while I was ahead of myself.


Well at least I had time to do some art for myself even if it ended up in the trash, ha ha!

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    I like it.
  9. naughtyseraph said: *INTENSE BREAD MAKING*
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  11. datmarshmallow said: It’s not trash though!!! It looks great and it makes me happy seeing your own personal artwork. :D
  12. krazehcakes said: You’d be surprised how questionable art is until its done. You should Truck on anyway! You’ll surprise yourself in the end!
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  14. prettyvoxvroomvroom said: How long have you been doing this for? The “blackspotting” I mean? I’m not the most artistically inclined so I’m going to assume it’s just really badass shading—hopefully that’s not wrong to assume.
  15. mattsynowicz said: Hey you were doing awesome at spotting the shadows! KEEP GOING!
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