Illustrations by Katy Farina
Mine isn’t as good though, ha

Mine isn’t as good though, ha


We have a brand new book, as well as updates to books 1 and 2! We’ve been working really hard to make something super cool!

Go check it out!! I’d love to hear your feedback!!!

(We’re currently featured in both the Kids section and the Books section in the App store, if the link doesn’t work for you)

I haven’t been home too frequently lately; during the week I’m only home before 10pm on Wednesday and Thursday… The cat is not happy about this………


Coming soon!!!!

We’ve been working hard on this for the past few months, I can’t wait to share it with you guys!!

My body is still getting used to karate…..

My body is still getting used to karate…..



(art credit to Constanza Yovaniniz- Check out her webcomic!)

Hey all! I’m sure you’ve all seen #Rian2NewHope going around for the last month! Well, it’s time we closed up shop on it!! This’ll be the last two-week stretch if you’d like to donate! The campaign will be officially…

One more push, let’s see if we can get Rian fully funded!!!

And get some awesome art in the process!!!!!

do you recommend any other daily comic artists??

Off the top of my head I can’t think of any that I follow? So if any followers can recommend any, please do!

I know @riansygh does dailies and posts them once per week, and the webcomic Johnny Wander is autobiographical though not done on a daily basis. Beyond that, I’m afraid I can’t think of any reccs!

What a weekend!

Sorry for the a sense over the past few days! I’ve been tremendously busy (all REALLY COOL THINGS that I can’t talk about yet), and now I think I’m coming down with something.

I’ll probably be busy for the next few days too, so in the meantime if you have any questions for me or did something cool that you want to share, my ask box is open! :)

Rainy day~ #cat #cats

Rainy day~ #cat #cats