Illustrations by Katy Farina
In my editing my question I deleted "pizza" by mistake! lol sorry

Oh! Haha. Fave pizza toppings are black olives, pineapple, and mushroom. Generally not combined. I do prefer cheese but since that’s not an option….! Haha

What is your favorite thing about today so far? IF you had to pick a favorite topping combination or the world would end what would it be? (max of three & cheese/sauce don't count) Thank you for your time & be well!

Well so far, it’s that I woke up early to finish something! And that’s a good feeling!

But I can tell you now, my favourite part of the day will be laying face down in my bed as soon as I get home and not moving for 8 hours.

Fave toppings are ice cream ones for sure: home-made whipped cream + sprinkles + maraschino cherries! 

You are awesome! Oh, wait that ain't a question. Have you ever had physical problems or injures due to karate? My little sis is 19, and already two operations (surgeries?) on both of her feet, after training. Ligaments and ankel...

Aw man, I hope she’s okay. :c I haven’t injured myself more then needing R&R - twisted knees and ankles and whatnot. 

But I guess, it depends on how you want to define injury. Full contact means you get the wind kicked out of you, and bruised ribs and kneecaps and arms. I also walked away from a few classes with blood spatters all over my gi, and we’re still not sure where it came from.

What martial arts form are you taking in karate?


I also like the particular dojo we train at because it is 100% full contact; we hit hard, and our gear is just gloves of your choosing and cloth shinguards. There’s also a strong focus on basics, which is A++, and we spar at the end of every class.

Here’s a video from 2013 of sempai taking his black belt test vs. sensei to get a feel for how we spar!

TMI Tuesday!

Holla, happy to answer any questions! Provided that I don’t fall asleep immediately after karate, and that answers won’t break nda’s~!

Hi, I'm the YJ anon from the other day, and I WOULD BE SO HAPPY IF YOU DID FANART like please do it if you have the time vuv theres so much I love about YJ but really I love dumb super hero teenagers trying to do good things. Have you watched s2 yet?

OH MAN, NO I HAVE NOT… I got spoiled for a few things that happen in S2 because I have absolutely 0 self control when it comes to diving headfirst into a fandom, but I have no context for those things, and I’m deep in denial already………….

I’m gonna try to watch as much of S2 this weekend as I can.

And yeah I want to do some fanart for it really badly. I have no clue when I’ll have time for that, but I really really want to.

I’m still blown away by how good the writing in Failsafe was. I’m absolutely blown away. I could probably gush about that episode at length, and how much I am just blown away by the team dynamic, and how stellar the post-mission reactions to shock/trauma were, and they actually had to deal with PTSD after it 

Okay omg I’m sorry for gushing; I spent a huge chunk of yesterday crying at blackcatula about this show. It’s amazing. Hold me I can’t stand up on my own.

Are you still doing the sketch incentive for Rian's donation?

I am!

They’re going a little slow right now because of Really Cool Things that I can’t talk about just yet, but they will absolutely get done as soon as I am humanly able. :) 

(Trust me, I am losing sleep getting them done!)

#R2NH ends tomorrow!


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sorry katyfarina

OH MY GOD this is amazing i’m in tears HAHA


sorry katyfarina

OH MY GOD this is amazing i’m in tears HAHA


I started watching Young Justice again for you lol katyfarina, you were talking about it and now I can’t stop watching it!


I haven’t seen any of S2 yet ahhh I need to go watch it immediately!!!!!!!